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Canada is about to get Wiserr.

Wiserr is a next generation app that helps users support local economies and travel sustainably.

We are on a mission to help our cities and towns to become smart destinations, and enhance the experience of residents and travelers.

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Our goal is to help local small businesses across Canada. Wiserr is completely free to sign up and promote discounted goods & services to locals and travelers. Preregister your business today.   

Wiserr is free for small businesses.

We are launching this Summer.

Shop local, plan trips, receive crowd alerts, reserve restaurants, hotels, tours and tickets, all in one smart platform.

Shop Locally

With Wiserr, users receive and browse personalized offers from small local businesses at home and when they travel.

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Plan Smart Trips

Wiserr enables users to plan smart and sustainable trips with personalized recommendations and digital itineraries.

Get Wiserr at home and on the go.

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